Why I want to start a business

I want to start a business because I am concerned about our future together, but also I am concerned about everything that my parents work for, every day for the last twenty years, they built a company, a success company that needs someone as head, that needs someone to take care of their clients, to make it grow.

I know that keep a success company will be a lot of work, and it will take almost all my free time, also I know that having a business and expecting leisure time is not compatible, I know that you feel that you are losing money when you are not working.

However, I feel that I am ready to take it full, to be a business person and live with it. I get to the time in your life that you feel free to do whatever you want with your life when you need to be independent when you need to manage your time more efficiently.

This is all about building a life together, working together living together and be prepared for the future, it is about of being ready for difficult times, it is about being able to deal with whatever situation that appears in front of us.

I want to build our future on a solid base and be happy.




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