Feeling free


Since I was a child I felt free to decide what I want and how to do it. No one took control of my mind, I always have felt a free thinker.

I developed my artistic skills in school when I was abstracted in my own world, teachers try to guide me to study more and create less, but I was not paying attention at all. I was basically living inside my own bubble, isolated from the real world and that helped me to think freely and without external influences.

Later I was labelled as an artist, no one worried about me not paying attention at all. So I was free from everything, free from judgement, free from teachers and free from society’s opinion.

Schools are teaching people how to live, how to answer, how to work, but they don’t teach freedom of thinking, they just train people to be useful inside a system. However, there are some people that need a guidance, some people need to learn how to do stuff. But they are just like everyone in the same school, pretty much like robots.

I was lucky to have parents who let me decide what I wanted, they just let me be like I was. They let me realise by myself how to do and create things, they let me be creative, they let me be free. That freedom made me, it gave me everything that I needed to be successful, to be happy, to work hard and love it. I really love what I’ve decided to be.

Nowadays I feel freer than before, now I am able to see my reality from outside and realise what I have to offer to everyone.






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