Edu y Luz (EddyLuz)

Everything started when I was in my last year of studies when I met Eduardo on 17th March 2009, on the subway in Santiago of Chile, I clearly remember that day as it was my birthday and I was going to celebrate it. I met him through a friend (Lucas Nathaniel Vassallo) that we had in common, who noticed immediately that we (Eduardo and I) were interested in each other.


When Eduardo and I had been dating for around a year, during which we grew a relationship of trust and love, we made the decision to live together in an apartment in the center of Santiago of Chile in 2010. At that time I was working as a graphic designer in Suika, and Eduardo was studying International Gastronomy in Duoc UC in Santiago of Chile.

In January 2012, we traveled to the South of Chile, which was our first trip together. We visited Frutillar, Cerro Viejo, Saltos del Petrohué among others. We really enjoyed that time as it was our first long trip together.


After that trip we spent a lot of time together, our schedule included breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. Also, we watch movies and go shopping together. We became a very united couple.

I can’t remember how many =O faces I have made during our relationship since the beginning everything was new to me, I realized that I was living in a bubble, that I had so many more things to learn. He taught me very patiently every time that I didn’t know how to do something. Eduardo taught me how to eat well, how to cook, (OK I’m still trying after 8 years together!) how to do sports, how to shop smart, etc.


I’ve learned from Eduardo that celery has fiber inside and there are some people that get rid of them, also that cabbage should be sliced very thin and not just chopped in a few pieces.

I’ve learned from Eduardo that people actually use salt and pepper to spice up food, and that is very common in Chile. And the names of things! like “azafates” are actually “fuentes” and “estofados” are called “guisos”.

In 2015, I start studying English, as I didn’t learn almost anything at school and nowadays is very useful to travel and learn.

In 2015, Eduardo got his degree as a Civil and Architectural Draftsman.


In July 2014, we met Rossana, cousin of Eduardo’s father, who encouraged us to visit Australia. We planned to travel to Australia, we booked our trip to Brisbane, Australia to study English in Browns Institute.

This trip was a milestone in our relationship, as it was our first time on a plane! After that day we had many firsts together, our first time living in a new country, our first time working together, our first time visiting the highest building in the southern hemisphere, then our first time traveling in a camper van, then our first time in a cruise, scuba diving, snorkeling, flying on a helicopter, etc.



Eduardo and I share many goals and interests, such as learning, travel and live as happy as we can. We are planning our life together no matter the place that we are. We travel around Australia for two years, we visit so many amazing places that we have to create a blog eddyluzviajando to summarize all our trips.

Some places that we visited are:



The Opera House in Sydney:


The Great Ocean Road:






New Zealand for three weeks.


After our time in New Zealand, we head back to Chile.

We are currently living together in Santiago of Chile, happy and together 24/7! this time has been a little bit tough, realizing stuff back in Chile, but we are every day closer to each other, very much in love. ❤




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