A recommendation

I asked my friend Lucas to recommend me on Linkedin and his letter it’s so beautiful and sincere that almost made me cry.
I had to share it:

Luz is in my experience, an amazingly talented Graphic Designer, and a wonderful Professional.

I could easily make this recommendation about her insane skills, her -almost ridiculous- capability to produce work of the utmost quality and beauty in the matter of a flash, or how deeply she knows and understands Design, which allows her to effectively recognize her client needs and be able to provide in every case, with a product that surpasses by far the expectations of such client.

However, instead of that, in this particular instance, I choose to focus on the person behind all that. Simply because, if you wish to know about Luz immense talent, skill, good taste, knowledge and ability, just take a moment to review her work, check the recommendations by previous and current clients, or simply see the list of the companies that choose to hire her services.

The reason I am writing right now is to endorse Luz as a Person, as a Human Being, not as a Graphic Designer. If you wish for something that acts as proof of her worth as a Professional, her work can magnificently do that on its own.

Luz is a person that madly, loves life, the world, the experience of learning from everything she sees and encounters. Luz is the type of person that is not only marveled by watching something with the magnificence you can expect from the Sistine Chapel but also, by any mundane everyday little life event, like taking the time to simply enjoy watching a tiny little bee, fly on top of a flower.

This is why, I honestly believe that the key to her success and talent, is that after falling in love with Design, she became able to take all that magic that exists within herself and project it into her work as a Designer. And someone that loves what it does, as immensely as Luz loves her work, is definitely someone I would entrust my needs too.

Luz will not only satisfy you if you choose her to be the one who provides a solution to your graphic and design needs. She will most likely marvel you.

She is like super nice, always has a positive attitude and is really fun to work with!
-Although I believe you must have already guessed that by now-


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